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Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović

Marina Abramovic is a world-famous performance artist. Most of her performances are extremely dangerous. She does not hesitate to use her body as a canvas. Sometimes she cuts, paints, scratches, pierces and lashes her own body. Through her dangerous and marvelous performances, she wants to express the inner beauty of human beings and the physical limits of the body. 


This animation aims to show Marina Abramović’s performance ideas metaphorically. Abramović said, “I had felt that my body was without boundaries, limitless.” My team approached this concept carefully and used visual metaphors instead of using words. 


Our team wanted a calm mood. All of Marina Abramović’s performances did not use voice. She showed her emotions through her body instead of her mouth.


Tight schedule process. 9 weeks of reading and exploring to nail down a meaningful visual narrative story of someone who did so many thought-provoking performances about humanity, spirit, and body. 4 weeks of modeling, texturing and rendering with Arnold for the first time. 2 weeks of final editing.

My Role

My team helped each other when one of our team members had a problem with modeling, lighting, texturing, and animation. In this project, my role was researching visual references, creating C4D models, and creating the universe scene in After Effects. Also, I made mock-up models and animations.

Credit List

Special Thanks

Miguel Lee


Nathan Halpern

Team Leader

Yoyo Dong


Yoyo Dong
Phillip Kim
Dannie Liang
TaeJoon Kim
Melody Kim

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